RV Service and Repairs

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Comprehensive RV Services in St. George, UT

Every year, millions of Americans hit the road in their RVs, traveling across the country and enjoying beautiful landscapes, historic sites, and the open road. However, when trouble hits, you need reliable RV services to get you back on the road quickly. Southwest Diesel Services helps people who live in and travel through the St. George, UT, area, with their RV issues.

We Come to You
Sometimes, an unexpected incident forces you to stop by the side of the road. Don’t worry about getting to our shop — we come to you! We offer 24/7 mobile roadside assistance so you don’t have to wait.

We Handle All Your Needed Repairs

An RV is a complex vehicle with many moving parts and components. However, we can handle them all. Let us help with:
  • Air conditioning
  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Engines
  • Oil changes
  • Starters
  • Suspension
  • Transmissions
  • Tune-ups

This is only a portion of the services we offer. For a full list see our semi truck repairs page.

Other Servies We provide

We Can Get You on Your Way
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Only need a jump-start or an oil change? We provide those services too! Don’t worry about waiting for hours when we have the tools to help you quickly and safely.
We Can Inspect Your RV
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Want to purchase a new RV? Need an annual state inspection? We help with both. Bring in your RV today and get certified!
We Winterize Your RV
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If you want to put your RV away for another winter, let us help. We thoroughly and carefully disconnect, drain, and bypass all systems, while ensuring that everything looks good while your RV sits until next season. Whether you live in your RV or are just a passing traveler, we’re here for you. Call us today at (435) 414-6618 or send us a message. We’re happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can.